If you’ve read many personal finance blogs, you’ve encountered success stories about individuals who’ve paid off hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt, traveled around the world with credit card perks, and possibly even beat their parents to retirement!

With these incredible examples, it’s easy to assume that all personal finance bloggers are money-making/saving/investing robots who have been financially independent since birth. In reality, each of us started out as a “personal finance beginner.”

While our starting points and destinations may vary, each of us needed to learn the same financial principles and develop the proper habits to manage our money. Some personal finance bloggers have already reached their long-term financial goals, but you’ll find that many of us are still working on it – perhaps just a step ahead or two of you.

That’s why Personal Finance for Beginners is launching a “Beginner to Blogger” series. Each interview will introduce a personal finance blogger who will share how they started their personal finance journey, what early obstacles or mistakes they needed to overcome, and how they’re still improving – even as an “expert” – today.

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