This is the Question That Sparked My “Financial Epiphany”

By April 13, 2018 One Comment
my financial epiphany on duke of dollars

Chris and Jack, the “Master Dukes” behind Duke of Dollars, recently invited me to share a few of my experiences and insights in a guest post titled: There’s Room for Your Financial Kingdom in the Alliance.

In this post, I talk about how an anonymous commenter on the Personal Finance subreddit sparked my personal finance journey with the following question:

“How are you single, earning a comfortable salary, living in a modest apartment… and have zero savings? Several hundred dollars a month are going somewhere, do you know where?”

While this response didn’t directly answer the question I originally posted on Reddit (which was about moving without money), it turned out to be the real question that I should’ve been asking myself in the first place.

This sparked the “financial epiphany” that motivated me to pay down my debt, build an emergency fund, and get my personal finances in order.

To learn more about my financial epiphany – and why you need to have your own (if you haven’t already) – head over to Duke of Dollars to read the full post!

Can you identify a specific “financial epiphany” that inspired you to improve your personal finances?


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