5 Best Finance Articles For Financial Independence Newbies

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best finance articles on retirement

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Last month, I had the opportunity to curate an entire week of content for the Rockstar Finance website and newsletter.

It turns out that curating content from throughout the personal finance community is a TON of work!

To help launch this new “guest curation” format for Rockstar Finance, I decided it would be helpful to narrow down the vast pool of informative, insightful, and entertaining content by having a specific theme in mind as I searched for this post’s content:

Financial independence for personal finance “newbies”

There are many “FIRE” blogs out there which offer specific instructions on how to do a Backdoor Roth IRA or get started with house-hacking.

But what if you’re new to the personal finance community and looking for something a little more high-level and beginner-friendly?

That’s the perspective I tried to take when looking for today’s featured blog posts.

Here are five of the best finance articles on financial independence that I’ve read over the past few weeks:

Beginner’s Guide To Reaching Financial Independence – ChooseFI

“You don’t need to eat the whole elephant today, or even this year. Just focus on what you can do this week to get 1% closer to your end goal.”

If you’ve just started diving into the world of personal finance, it’s easy to feel like you’re not doing enough. After all, paying off your debt, building an emergency fund, and maxing out your retirement contributions most likely won’t happen overnight (unless perhaps you win the lottery). Instead, focus on moving at least 1% closer to your goal. You’ll be surprised with just how much progress you can make by applying consistent effort over time!

The Ultimate FIRE Guide: Unlocking the Secrets of the Modern Financial Independence, Retire Early Movement – Financially Alert

“Finding FIRE is a personal journey.  And, remember… you don’t necessarily have to RE (retire early) if you don’t want to – even once you hit FI.”

Lean FIRE. Fat FIRE. Barista FIRE. Financial independence and early retirement come in all sorts of different “flavors.” There are many different paths, milestones, and goals on the road to financial freedom. Michael from Financially Alert looks at a few of the most popular “secrets” of FIRE but also reminds us… Personal finance is personal! While it’s important to have a plan in place, most of us “chasing FIRE” are figuring it out as we go.

What Is Financial Freedom? – The Finance Twins

“Having financial freedom doesn’t simply mean being wealthy or not having to work anymore. Those are simply things that people with financial freedom may be or decide to do. However, remember that being wealthy is better than being rich.”

The dream of reaching financial freedom is often confused with fantasies of owning large, posh homes and fast, exotic cars. In this post, The Finance Twins take a closer look at what financial freedom looks like before walking readers through the #1 thing they control that affects whether they’ll achieve financial freedom or not.

Sabbatical 2020: In Which I Take Back My Life – My Early Retirement Journey

“So here is my declaration of intent. I intend to leave the workforce on my own terms: Labor Day 2020, Monday, Sep 7, 2020.”

I just recently came across the My Early Retirement Journey blog for the first time. I was impressed by the boldness in this post. It’s easy to get stuck by fear or complacency when preparing to make a significant life decision. The author shares how she made her decision to take a sabbatical or mini-retirement in 2020 and outlines exactly how she plans to make the decision a reality. Is there a major life decision you’ve been procrastinating? Perhaps this post will give you some inspiration to set a decision date!

And… For my final selection:

Be Careful With FIRE – Personal Finance for Beginners

“When I talk with people about FIRE, it’s clear that this phenomenon of FIRE is turning into just another shiny new toy. Another way to compete with the Joneses. We need to be careful with FIRE and not go all in thinking it’s the fix to everything.”

This is one of my favorite guest posts published on Personal Finance for Beginners courtesy of Mr. Five Senses of Five Sense of Living. Become financially independent is often seen as a silver bullet to all of life’s problems. This post serves as a reminder that FIRE is not the magic ticket to happiness but a tool that allows someone to more easily pursue their goals and prioritize their values. Don’t let the idea of financial independence distract you from enjoying your life today.

Have you recently read (or written) a beginner-friendly blog post on financial independence?

Feel free to shamelessly plug one of your favorite FIRE posts in the comments!

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